BAOLIJIE’s Manufacturing Strength

Professional electric toothbrush head manufacturing factory

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Comprehensive Manufacturing Capabilities

At BAOLIJIE, we pride ourselves on our extensive manufacturing capabilities, ensuring the highest quality of electric toothbrushes and oral care products. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team allow us to deliver superior products to our clients globally.

Research and Production Integration

BAOLIJIE integrates research and production, investing nearly 10 million RMB annually. This integration ensures that innovations in electric toothbrushes, sonic toothbrushes, and their replacement heads are quickly brought to market.

Integration of research and production
electric sonic toothbrush accessories production process

Factory Equipment and Automation

BAOLIJIE’s industrial automation in our electric toothbrush factory has transformed traditional manual operations. This has reduced labor costs by 2-8 times, improved product quality by 2-5 times, increased production efficiency by 40-70%, doubled or tripled equipment utilization, shortened production cycles by 30-60%, and enhanced engineers’ work capacity by 3-5 times.

Production Capacity

BAOLIJIE manufactures 100 million toothbrush heads annually, with a capacity for producing 5 million electric toothbrush sets per year. We serve diverse markets globally, partnering with over 30 renowned enterprises like Saky and Usmile, along with more than 600 SMEs. Specializing in electric toothbrushes, sonic toothbrushes, and their replacement heads, BAOLIJIE ensures high-quality products through advanced automation and significant R&D investments.

Electric toothbrush mounted motor test

Showcasing Our Manufacturing Excellence: Modern Workshop for Electric Toothbrushes and Heads

Efficient Production Process: Ensuring Superior Quality of Electric Toothbrushes and Heads

First floor factory partial map

Injection Molding Workshop

Our advanced Injection Molding Workshop is equipped with over 30 injection molding machines, ensuring the precise and efficient production of electric toothbrushes and electric toothbrush head components. 

Toothbrush head bristles

Production Workshop

Our state-of-the-art Production Workshop houses more than 60 fully automated electric toothbrush head assembly machines, streamlining the manufacturing process to deliver superior products with consistent quality and reliability.

Toothbrush head bristles

Bristle Planting Workshop

Featuring over 100 bristle planting machines, our Bristle Planting Workshop specializes in the precise and efficient insertion of bristles into electric toothbrush heads, ensuring optimal performance and durability.    

Automation Workshop

The Automation Workshop boasts over 500 sets of molds and cutting-edge equipment, driving innovation and excellence in the production of electric toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads through advanced automation technologies.

Advanced Copper-Free Bristle Planting Technology

Our electric toothbrush heads are manufactured using cutting-edge copper-free bristle planting technology, ensuring superior quality and safety. Here are the key features of this advanced technology:

  • Belgian Imported High-Speed Copper-Free Bristle Planting Machine: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our copper-free bristle planting machines offer the latest in copper-free hot-melt bristle planting, ensuring efficient and precise production.

  • Pre-Endrounding System for Bristle Rounding: Our bristle rounding process employs the highest-level pre-endrounding system, achieving nearly 100% bristle rounding. This technology ensures optimal bristle smoothness and comfort for users.

  • Advanced Ray Cutting Technology: The bristle melting process uses cutting-edge ray cutting technology, preventing direct contact between bristles and steel molds. This results in bristles that maintain their shape and stability without deformation.

  • Superior Bristle Stability and Comfort: Our copper-free toothbrush heads are designed for exceptional shape retention and stability. This technology allows for ultra-thin brush heads, enhancing user comfort. By eliminating the use of metal clips to secure bristles, our toothbrush heads offer a healthier and safer brushing experience, free from metal and metal oxidation issues.

By incorporating these advanced technologies, we ensure that our electric toothbrush heads provide a premium and safe brushing experience for all users.

Quality Assurance

  • Dust-Free Production and Inspection Workshops
    Our production and inspection workshops are designed for dust-free operations, ensuring a clean environment for the manufacturing of high-quality electric toothbrushes.
  • Raw Material Control and Real-Time Traceability
    We implement stringent raw material control mechanisms and real-time process traceability, guaranteeing the highest standards from material selection to finished product.
  • Extreme Environment Testing
    Our electric toothbrushes&electric toothbrush heads undergo rigorous extreme environment testing to ensure they meet the highest quality standards and perform reliably under various conditions.
  • Comprehensive International Quality and Certification Standards
    We hold complete international quality and safety certifications, including ISO 9001:2008, for diverse product ranges, validating our adherence to global quality assurance practices.
  • Design Validation and Industry Standards Compliance
    Our design verification processes ensure that our electric toothbrushes meet and exceed industry quality system requirements, reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
    BAOLIJIE adheres to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system for all electric toothbrush production processes, ensuring consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

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