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Baoljie, established in 2013, is a comprehensive manufacturer dedicated to the research, design, manufacturing, and sales of personal care products. Specializing in electric toothbrushes, high-quality bulk electric toothbrush heads, water flossers, and other personal care items, Baoljie employs over 530 staff members, including an R&D team of more than 80 experts. Our facility spans over 15,000 square meters and houses independent departments for R&D, engineering, injection molding, quality control, bristle planting, and production assembly. As a leading electric toothbrush supplier, we are committed to delivering top-notch products and services.

Values and Social Responsibility

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Innovative Leadership

Innovative Leadership

We continuously invest in R&D to drive technological advancements and innovations.

Customer First

Customer First

We deliver flexibly and efficiently, striving to fully meet customer expectations.

Employee Care

Employee Care

We provide a good career development platform and protect employee rights.

Community Activities

Community Activities

We are actively participating in community activities and fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities.

BAOLIJIE’s Production Capacity

BAOLIJIE is a leading electric toothbrush manufacturer with an annual production capacity of approximately 5 million sets of electric toothbrushes and 100 million sonic toothbrush heads. With an annual output value exceeding 300 million RMB, BAOLIJIE collaborates with over 30 renowned enterprises, including prominent brands like Saky and Usmile, as well as more than 600 small and medium-sized businesses. Our extensive client base spans Europe, North America, Australia, and China. We maintain long-term partnerships with many well-known companies. For top-tier electric toothbrush wholesale solutions.


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Baoljie: The Leading Electric Toothbrush Company in Oral Care

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