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Find premium bulk electric toothbrushes at competitive prices from a leading manufacturer in China. Our wide selection and commitment to quality make us the preferred choice for wholesale buyers seeking reliable supply and exceptional products.

Types of Electric Toothbrushes

Explore Our Wide Range of Electric Toothbrushes for Every Need

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Customization Projects for Electric Toothbrushes

Explore our comprehensive range of customization options for bulk electric toothbrushes, ensuring your products meet diverse market demands and consumer preferences.


Handle Design and Material Options

Customize handle shapes, colors, and materials (e.g., ergonomic grips and eco-friendly materials) to enhance user comfort and sustainability.


Brush Head Customization

Customize brush head shape, size and bristle type—including soft bristles for sensitive teeth—to optimize cleaning efficiency and oral health.


Special Features Integration

Combined with advanced features such as pressure sensors, it prevents over-brushing and enhances user experience and dental health.


Battery and Charging Options

Offer choices in battery capacity and charging methods (such as USB or travel-friendly options) to meet the needs of different consumers.


Private Labeling and Packaging

Provide private label services and customizable packaging designs to strengthen brand image and attract consumers’ attention.


User-Friendly Design Enhancements

Implement user-centered design enhancements to improve ease of use and overall product appeal.

Leading Electric Toothbrush Wholesale Supplier: Unleash Your Brand’s Potential

Step-by-Step Guide to Tailoring Your Toothbrush Replacement Heads Process for Optimal Performance and Branding

In today’s highly competitive oral hygiene market, electric toothbrushes have emerged as the leading choice for daily cleaning. Leveraging our expertise in manufacturing, BAOLIJIE is committed to opening new avenues of profitability for your brand, ensuring you stay ahead at every step.

Strict worldwide certifications: We follow strict global ISO, CE, and FDA certifications.
From Design to Completion: Create your unique toothbrush from design to build.
Packaging Solutions Excellence: Support at every step, from idea to shelf so you can make products that make your brand look good.
Flexible Order Quantities: Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is only 1000 units, which allows for incremental growth and market testing.

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Discover Our Full Range of Electric Toothbrushes

BAOLIJIE is the best electric toothbrush wholesale manufacturer, BAOLIJIE offers a wide range of electric toothbrushes to meet the needs of different markets and consumer groups. Whether you are looking for bulk electric toothbrush wholesale or customized electric toothbrush, we can provide the best options for you. please get in touch with BAOLIJIE today

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BAOLIJIE: Leading Electric Toothbrush Wholesale Manufacturer

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Automated Injection Molding Equipment

Production Capacity

  • High Production Capacity: BAOLIJIE produces 100000000 electric toothbrush heads&5000000 sets of wholesale electric toothbrushes annually.
  • Electric toothbrush industry dominance: So far, it has worked with Usmile, TCL, Unilever, and Xiaomi, further consolidating its leading role among suppliers engaged in the electric toothbrush wholesale market.
  • Quality Control for Wholesale Electric Toothbrushes: As a top bulk electric toothbrush manufacturer,Baolijie follows Haier system standards to ensure the high quality and industry reputation of its electric toothbrushes.

Innovation in Electric Toothbrush Manufacturing

  • Electric Toothbrush R&D Center: BAOLIJIE is jointly developing the next generation of electric toothbrushes with HITSZ
  • Advanced Electric Toothbrush Motor Technology: BAOLIJIE uses a 17mm small-sized magnetic suspension sonic motor, which can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency of an electric toothbrush using high-frequency vibration.
Product Packaging Quality Inspectio

Production Technologies for Wholesale Electric Toothbrushes

  • Revolutionary Instillation of Bristles without Using Copper: To manufacture healthier electric toothbrush heads for wholesale, BAOLIJIE spent six million yuan on bristle-planting machines that work at high speeds from Belgium.
  • Bristle Production with High Accuracy: Gentle washing is ensured by a pre-rounding system used by BAOLIJIE, which also utilizes melting technology by radiation to increase the lifespan of electric tooth brushes.

As a leading electric toothbrush manufacturer, BAOLIJIE provides excellent solutions for the wholesale electric toothbrush market. We maintain high quality in bulk electric toothbrush production and work closely with many big brands to become their preferred global partner for electric toothbrush wholesale.

Our Electric Toothbrushes Insights

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Showcasing Our Electric Toothbrush Wholesale Collaboration Cases

Serving “big names” in the electric toothbrush industry to ensure product quality and empower renowned brand growth.

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Explore more client collaboration cases to discover our electric toothbrush wholesale expertise.

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